Ferrari F50 and Jorge Gill: wakeboarding can be quite expensive

A professional wakeboarder has been towed by a Ferrari F50, in the United Kingdom.

They knew they were infringing the law. When a one-million pound Ferrari gets into water sports, we know we don't live in a rational world. Well, but it sounds quite thrilling too.

Jorge Gill, a British wakeboarder, was pulled by a rare yellow Ferrari F50 at 135 kilometers per hour (84 miles per hour), in Maud Foster Drain, a canal that runs in Lincolnshire.

The video was filmed by TaxTheRich, an organized group of fast car enthusiasts. Gills' wakeboarding skills behind the Ferrari F50 are quite impressive, but this is not something you should try in your local pool.

Anyway, the yellow bullet accelerates, Jorge gains momentum, keeps a low stance and prays that a piece of wood or tree branch doesn't get in the way. Seconds later, the wakeboarder lets the rope go.

"I was a little nervous beforehand. Normally I do around 20mph but for this I was going a lot faster. We had a few warm ups at lower speed, and it was a bit scary when you hear the Ferrari's engine," Gill notes.

"It is dangerous, but you have to forget about the dangerous side until afterwards." The Ferrari F50 was born in 1995. Only 349 units were manufactured.

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