Campeonato Mundial de Wakeboard: throwing tricks and airs in a contest like no other | Photo: WWA

Harley Clifford has taken out the 8th edition of Campeonato Mundial de Wakeboard, held in Nova Lima, Brazil.

Over 3,000 wakeboard fans visited Clube Serra da Moeda to watch their idols in action, throwing tricks and airs in a contest like no other. Brazil is crazy for water sports.

Spectators got to see rad tricks like Dean Smith's heelside backside 540 huge to the flats, JD Webb's wrapped nose-grabbed toeside backside 720, Noah Flegel's heelside frontside 900 and Harley Clifford's indy-grabbed double tantrum off of the double-up.

When the final got underway, it consisted of Noah Flegel, Mike Dowdy, Austin Hair, JD Webb, Phil Soven and, undefeated in 2015, Harley Clifford.

The two-run format with zero falls would once again to prove its excitement and value to the sport of wakeboarding; shuffling riders up and down several places by the end of the finals.

In the end, it was Harley Clifford, clinching another win, Noah Flegel placing higher than ever in a contest and Phil Soven finishing out the podium in third. JD Webb, Mike Dowdy, and Austin Hair would round out fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

Clifford sits comfortably in first place of the 2015 Wakeboard World Series (WBWS) with three victories in three stages.

Campeonato Mundial de Wakeboard 2015 | Pro Men

1. Harley Clifford (AUS), 93.00
2. Noah Flegel (USA), 90.00
3. Phil Soven (USA), 86.67
4. JD Webb (USA), 84.67
5. Mike Dowdy (USA), 78.33
6. Austin Hair (USA), 70.00

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