Guy Firer: 2015 cable wake master | Photo: Andrea Gilardi

Guy Firer and Julia Rick have claimed the 2015 European Cable Wakeboard Championships, at Starwake Park, Ravenna, Italy.

The Open Men's final saw Timo Kapl completing a spectacular first run with a 900 over the kicker, followed by mobe 5, raley 5, toeside blind judge, backside 450 transfer on the funbox, nose press 180-to-180 out from the pipe, s-mobe 5 with grab, switch KGB, and a backside 720 from the last kicker.

The rider from Austria seemed to have conquered the top spot in the podium until Firer went for his second run. The wakeboarder from Israel stomped a toeside backside 540 indy rewind, s-bend backside 360, crow mobe, raley 5, mobe 5, toeside blind judge and a 1080 at the inside kicker. A victory by a mere 0.70 points.

In the Open Women's division, Julia Rick put out all she had and convinced the judging panel with a toeside backside 540, toeside raley 360, switch mobe, backside 450 transfer 90 out, nose press 360 off the pipe, raley backside 360, front to blind and a backside 720 off the last kicker.

Marcel Tilwitz and Zuzana Vrablova won the gold medals in the Wakeskate category.

17th Europe and Africa Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships | Top 3

Wakeboard Open Men
1. Guy Firer
2. Timo Kapl
3. Sam de Haan

Wakeboard Open Women
1. Julia Rick
2. Sanne Meijer
3. Maxine Sapulette

Wakeskate Open Men
1. Marcel Tilwitz
2. Moritz Thiele
3. Artemiy Dunaev

Wakeskate Open Women
1. Zuzana Vrablova
2. Ori Boujo
3. Grünzweil Leona

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