JD Webb: he finished third at the 2016 Nautique Wake Open | Photo: WWA

Harley Clifford has taken out the 2016 Nautique Wake Open, at the Orlando Watersports Complex, in Florida.

The wakeboarding champion has once again stepped up his game and pulled a double half-cab roll to claim the best run of the finals with a score of 94.00.

"I couldn't be happier with my riding today. Mike and JD crushed their runs and left me with no choice but to go out and pull out big tricks. I'm looking forward to carrying the momentum from this weekend into the remainder of the season," said Clifford.

On the women's side, Meagan Ethell remained true to herself and didn't give her opponents any chances. She conquered the event with a score of 83.33.

"Today could not have gone any better with the awesome weather, a great crowd, and most importantly an awesome wake behind the G23. Having all of my family and friends out here made the day that much better," added Ethell.

Chad Sharp ended up winning the Rockstar Energy Big Air Kicker while Brian Grubb took out the wakeskate final. James Loisel conquered the Pro Junior division.

Nautique Wake Open | Finals

Men's Pro
1. Harley Clifford (AUS) - 94.00
2. Mike Dowdy (USA) - 91.00
3. JD Webb (USA) - 87.67

Women's Pro
1. Meagan Ethell (USA) - 83.33
2. Raimi Merritt (USA) - 77.33
Amber Wing (AUS) - 70.00

Pro Wakeskate
1. Brian Grubb (USA) - 86.33
2. Reed Hansen (USA) - 82.67
3. Brandon Thomas (USA) - 63.33

Pro Junior
1. James Loisel (USA) - 87.33
2. Cobe France (AUS) - 81.67
3. Jason Soven (USA) - 72.33

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