Wake Crane: Dominik Gührs, Felix Georgii, and Dominik Hernler used a crane to lift the shipping containers | Photo: Red Bull

Three wakeboarders have created a wakeboarding park in Pula, Croatia, using shipping containers.

Dominik Gührs, Felix Georgii, and Dominik Hernler used a crane to lift the shipping containers and place them in a 360-degree floating course.

The Water Crane project allows wakeboarders to enjoy multiple XXL obstacles in Uljanik Pula Wharf. The trio also created a flying obstacle, which they initially struggled to master but became central to their riding.

"There has never been a levitating obstacle in wakeboarding ever, which is why none of us have ever ridden anything like it. Wakeboarding on a crane is incredibly cool. Combining it with container obstacles both in the water and in the air is just crazy and something completely new in our sport," explained Gührs.

Wake Crane: the floating course was installed in Pula, Croatia | Photo: Red Bull

The floating wake park was possible thanks to the help of five divers, who positioned the shipping containers into place. It took ten days to get all the objects floating in the right spot.

"When they told us to wakeboard on a crane, I didn't expect such a fun setup at all. Finding the right crane was like searching for a needle in a haystack. For a long time, it seemed like this needle wasn’t even existing," added Georgii.

The trio searched for the perfect crane in the ports of Hamburg, Istanbul, and Rotterdam, but they could only find it in Pula, a coastal town located on the Istrian Peninsula.

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