Wakepoolooza: wakeboarding on Fry Street, Denton, Texas

Jade Whirley and Kyle Alberts have dominated the 2013 Wakepoolooza, in Denton, Texas.

Can you imagine a cable wakeboarding contest held in a city street? It's not a dream, it's reality.

Wakepoolooza is an annual event used to help promote cable wakeboarding. It was debuted in 2012, on Fry Street, in Denton.

In 2013, riders and a lot of fun returned to the scene of the crime for the second time. The aerial assault, the rail tricks and cash all gathered for an incredible Wakepoolooza.

Jade Whirley dominated the Rail Jam, while Kyle Alberts stood out in the Kicker.

2013 Wakepoolooza Results:

Rail Jam:
1. Jade Whirley
2. Keith Holley
3. Gunner Daft

1. Kyle Alberts

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