Brian Grubb: passing through a tight crack rapidly | Photo: Red Bull

Brian Grubb traveled to Jordan to take on the mighty Wadi Al-Hidan canyon in the Valley of Hidan.

After tackling snow streams in Sarajevo and Filipino rice fields during his fantastic career on the water, the talented wakeskater visited a unique environment.

Wadi Al-Hidan is a breathtaking black basaltic canyon with narrow gorges, fresh pools, mesmerizing green vegetation and wildlife that feeds into the Dead Sea.

The American needed help from the local Bedouin people to transport equipment in small boats or by a person over the perilous rocks with evenings consisting of traditional Bedouin cuisine and music.

When Grubb and his crew finally reached their ideal setting, they positioned themselves on top of one of the peaks of the valley where the long wire pulling machine that the 38-year-old athlete would hold on to was installed to launch him across the volcanic rocks.

When he first hit the water, it wasn't plain sailing as he lost his balance occasionally. Nevertheless, he righted himself to master the unforgiving terrain of the valley.

The hardest part was on the final day when the New Hampshire native needed to pass through a tight crack rapidly, which he accomplished brilliantly.

"It's great to be here in Jordan. I never imagined that I could wakeskate right here. The last one that we did was probably the most memorable of the whole trip," said Grubb after completing the amazing trip.

"We were riding through this narrow crack, and seeing the rope go all the way up the canyon was a pretty surreal experience."

Grubb has dominated the scene for years, along with fun projects such as Human Trailers, Urban Assault, Winch Masters, Capital Chaos and Project Blackout.

Jordan has five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Petra, Quseir Amra, Um er-Rasas, Al-Maghtas, and Wadi Rum.

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