Harley Clifford: relaxing after claiming another title | Photo: Clifford/Facebook

Harley Clifford has taken out the overall 2015 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour title. The Australian placed runner-up in the last event of the season, held at Traxler Park, in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The title was decided, but Cory Teunissen wanted the final spotlight as he landed the first-ever wake-to-wake 1080 in a professional wakeboarding contest. Ultimately, Teunissen had the last word in the final.

All six wakeboarders fell on their first passes, having to then make up the points in the second run. Teunissen kept his composure and ended up in the first place with 96.00 points.

"I'm stoked to win. I didn't have a good week coming it, as I spent most of it off the water and not riding. The way it played out and I ended up riding, I am just so happy. I stuck a 1080, which is the first one ever done in an actual contest pass which is huge!" said Cory Teunissen.

Clifford won the Texas, Georgia, and California tour stops, and finished the last event in the runner-up position. The overall title had his name written on it.

"Every year we all come in knowing that the Pro Tour is the biggest thing ever. Today's riding wasn't the best; I've been hurt the past two weeks and today was the first time riding since then. I had an unfortunate fall and missed the win here in Janesville, but I'm happy!" concluded Harley Clifford.

2015 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour | Janesville

1. Cory Teunissen 96.00
2. Harley Clifford 82.67
3. Shota Tezuka 78.33
4. Noah Flegel 59.00
5. Mike Dowdy 51.67
6. Phillip Soven 20.00