Dean Smith blasts the Nautique Wake Games 2014

April 28, 2014 | Wakeboarding
Nautique Wake Games 2014: pumped and crowded

Dean Smith has claimed the Nautique Wake Games 2014, in the Orlando Water Sports Complex.

Leveraging the G23's perfect wake to his advantage, Smith unleashed a lethal combination of huge airs and precise rail riding in the finals to edge out a stacked field of the world's best wakeboarders including Harley Clifford, Rusty Malinoski, Austin Hair, Daniel Powers and Josh Twelker.

With his progressive riding, Smith claimed one of the sport's most coveted trophies as well as jumping out to an early lead in the overall King of Wake standings.

Another one of the day's most impressive runs came from Nautique team rider Meagan Ethell in the Women's Pro division. Her Nautique Wake Games winning run epitomized stylish riding and included huge wake-to-wake airs and excellent rail riding.

The well balanced run catapulted her ahead of Amber Wing and Raimi Merritt who finished in second and third place respectively. "It's great to be back in the water competing again and riding behind the G23. The wake was perfect all weekend and I'm stoked to get the win," says Ethell.

The world's best professional wakeskaters were also in the water today. Claiming victory in the highly competitive division was Reed Hansen, who pieced together a near flawless run that included a huge switch 360 and front side 180 melon grab.

The Contour Big Air Contest Launching from a kicker ramp, athletes attempt tricks that a typically not performed in a traditional contest setting. At today's event, Stephen Pierce wowed the crowd with a massive Frontside 180 to claim top honors.

Nautique Wake Games 2014 | Results

Pro Men:
1. Dean Smith 92.33
2. Harley Clifford 90.50
3. Rusty Malinoski 89.33
4. Austin Hair 75.33
5. Daniel Powers 71.67
6. Josh Twelker 68.33

Pro Women:
1. Meagan Ethell 83.33
2. Amber Wing 79.33
3. Raimi Merritt 75.67
4. Dallas Friday 69.67
5. Rebecca Gange 65.00
6. Nicola Butler 61.00

Pro Men Wakeskate:
1. Reed Hansen 71.67
2. Brian Grubb 50.00
3. Danny Hampson 49.33
4. James Balzer 31.67

Junior Pro Men:
1. Cory Teunissen 88.25
2. Parker Siegele 88.00
3. Jason Soven 76.50
4. Yun Sanghyun 70.75
5. Mac Schramm 65.50
6. Gunner Daft 61.00

Junior Women:
1. Giorgia Gregorio 81.67
2. Daniela Levy 68.33
3. Nakita Schaab 50.00