Dominik Hernler: a wakeboarding session in Paris' River Seine | Photo: Strauss/Red Bull

Austrian wakeboarder Dominik Hernler spent two weeks this summer on the River Seine in France.

The intrepid wakeboarder shot a series of breathtaking and audacious aerial stunts on the famous French river, including an Eiffel Tower stunt.

One of the greatest wakeboarders in history has had to wait three years for the project to come to fruition. However, it has definitely been worth the wait.

The 25-year-old, who trains in Orlando, produced a series of tricks from canal Saint-Martin to Epinay under the watchful eye of famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower.

Dominik Hernler: performing wakeboarding stunt in historical landmarks | Photo: Strauss/Red Bull

Dominik Hernler: he waited three years to get permission from the French authorities to perform the stunts on the River Seine | Photo: Strauss/Red Bull

Dominik Hernler: Paris is full of wakeboarding features | Photo: Strauss/Red Bull

Dominik Hernler: the project included an Eiffel Tower stunt | Photo: Strauss/Red Bull

"The abandoned swimming pool slide was quite daunting. I did not have much run-up, and I had to reach the right speed quite quickly so that I could pass the gap and land on water," revealed Dominik Hernler.

The stunts included being pulled by a winch and 400-meter rope but, fortunately, everything went down well and without major injuries.

"I was so relieved after the first passing when I realized everything was working - the speed, the kicker, the slide. It was an amazing grand finale to end the project!"