Wake Surfing: wakeboarding without ropes

Film director Duncan Lee has released "The History of Wake Surfing," a movie about the evolution of the wakeboarding and surfing blend.

"The History of Wake Surfing" focuses on documenting the history of wake surfing while displaying some of the most talented wake surfers in the world.

Interviews were conducted with wake surfing pioneers such as Tim Lopes, Jeff Page, Mark Sher, Clint Preisendorfer, Rick Lee, and Todd Gaughan.

Riding segments are included from some of the most progressive wake surfers in the world.

"This film is my perspective of how wake surfing became what it is today. I have watched it grow since I was born in 1978, and I was there when Centurion Boats decided to get involved in the mid-90s," explains Duncan Lee.

"Now it's a full-blown professional sport with contests around the world and amazing riding that pushes further every day. Everyone is wake surfing these days", he adds.

"Today, wake surfing is the fastest-growing watersports segment, and I'm just stoked to have been a part of it all. Going back to those individuals that were there from the beginning and getting their story recorded has been really cool".