Erika Lang prevails at the 55th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament

May 30, 2014 | Wakeboarding
Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament: veterans know what they're doing

Erika Lang tricked 9,530 points to set a new course record at the 55th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament, in the Callaway Gardens, Georgia.

World record holder Lang was the only top seed out of nine disciplines that claimed a Masters title. In the Trick category, She defeated Natallia Berdnikava by ten points, who was followed by Whitney McClintock.

In the Men's competition, Pierre Ballon tricked 11,590 points, earning his first Masters Trick title. He was followed by Aliaksei Zharnasek and Jimmy Siemers.

In the Slalom head-to-head competition, Big Dawg World Tour champion Jeremy Newby-Ricci was no match for Jay Leach, who ran 6@38-off winning the first Masters Big Dawg Final Four head-to-head competition on Robin Lake.

Thomas Degaspri earned his first Masters title running 3@41-off followed by Jon Travers and Aaron Larkin. Regina Jaquess was defeated by Whitney McClintock, who edged Jaquess out by one buoy and tied the course record set by Jaquess the day before.

In the Wakeskate finals, Danny Hampson was second off the dock and came out on top with his first Masters win, landing a wake-to-wake bigger spin, and linking a technical run, edging out Canadian James Balzer, followed by Brian Grubb and Brandon Thomas.

Amber Wing put down a great run and finished off her pass, with an indy tantrum to blind. She was followed by Dallas Friday, who had two stand-up passes, edging out Rebecca Gange, who rode clean and landed a crow mobe, but it wasn’t enough to beat out Friday.

There could not have been a better setup for the top four riders in the world. Dean Smith was first off the dock riding up to his perspective, but then had a few unclean tricks which left the door open.

Harley Clifford, riding like his typical self, amazed the crowd with his double indy tantrum scoring a 94.00. Rusty Malinoski, trying to defend his title, went big, but fell in his second pass and topped off his double up with the first ever switch toeside frontside 1080, in a Masters Tournament. But it wasn’t enough to take down Phil Soven.

Soven had two stand up passes and then threw down a switch nose crow mobe 7 for his double up claiming another coveted Masters championship.

55th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament Results

Pro Men Wakeboarding
1. Soven, Phillip (USA) - 96.67
2. Malinoski, Rusty (CAN) - 95.33
3. Clifford, Harley (AUS) - 94.00
4. Smith, Dean (AUS) - 80.67

Pro Women Wakeboarding
1. Wing, Amber (AUS) - 88.00
2. Friday, Dallas (USA) - 84.67
3. Gange, Bec (AUS) - 82.33
4. Ethell, Meagan (USA) - 71.00

Pro Wakeskate
1. Hampson, Danny (USA) - 86.00
2. Balzer, James (CAN) - 81.00
3. Grubb, Brian (USA) - 77.67
4. Thomas, Brandon (USA) - 51.67

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