Erkka Lehtonen: 10 hours and 15 minutes riding his board in a cable wakeboarding park

Erkka Lehtonen broke the world record for the longest non-stop wake ride in a cable wakeboarding park.

The Finnish wakeboarder stood up-and-running for 10 hours and 15 minutes in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea.

The previous record belonged to Mickey Henry, who in 2016 rode a wakeboard continuously for 10 hours and 5 seconds, What Wake Park, in Bala, Canada.

But things were not easy for Lehtonen. After three hours and 52 minutes of riding, the Erkka fell, and the stopwatch had to be reset.

The wakeboarder didn't give up and restarted the challenge. All in all, Erkka Lehtonen rode his board for more than 14 hours.

"I’m feeling good. Let’s do another round!" joked the new world record holder, who set a new mark at Laguuni, a solar-powered water sports center he owns in Finland.

"When I fell to the water, I felt disappointed. But a positive and determined attitude takes you far, so I got up and decided to continue with the attempt. Now, my body is achy, but I’m feeling great!"

The new wakeboarding world record was broken using renewable energy produced at Laguuni - 23 kWh on the day of the feat - and an extra battery charged with solar power.

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