Surf's Up New Hampshire: ready for wakesurfing madness | Photo: AWM

The world's first indoor wakesurfing championship will hit Nashua, New Hampshire, on April 2nd.

The 2016 Tropical Wave Shred Competition will get underway at Surf's Up New Hampshire, the first indoor surfing venue in the USA. The event will feature three classes: Pro, Outlaw, and Amateur.

All wakesurfers will ride man-made waves pumped by SurfStream, American Wave Machines' (AWM) largest standing wave system. The company has already installed its surf pool concepts in several contest sites across Europe and North America.

"These aren't the short, shallow waves you see on cruise ships. This technology creates the premier, authentic surfing experience by creating an infinite variety of waves (including the barreling wave that surfers crave), on-demand – all with no waiting," AWM explains.

"American Wave Machines' technology can provide waves every five seconds that replicate the point breaks, reef breaks, and beach breaks that are the holy grail for surfers. Surfers can use full-sized surfboards (with fins), and waves can be controlled with an iPad."

The 2016 Tropical Wave Shred Competition will run on knee-high waves, a four-foot right-hand barrel, and a six-foot left-hand tube wave. Riders may choose their style: skim, surf or both. Judging will follow the CWSA guidelines.

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