Harley Clifford and Keenan Flegel control Lake Allatoona

June 8, 2015 | Wakeboarding
Harley Clifford: taking risks in Lake Allatoona | Photo: Supra Boats

Harley Clifford and Keenan Flegel dominated the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour and Pro Wakesurf Tour 2015 at the Dallas Landing Park, in Acworth.

Riders from more than five countries and 175 boats in the flotilla invaded Lake Allatoona for a weekend of action-packed air and wave tricks behind the Supra Boats SE550.

In the Pro Wakeboarding division, the Australian Harley Clifford landed a heelside 900, a double indy tantrum, back mobe 540 and toeside 720 to collect a score of 97.00 and win the final. Mike Dowdy and Cory Teunissen took the remaining podium places.

"The way Dowdy and Cory rode was insane and I didn't know if I had it in me. I went for broke, and it was either going to be first or last place," explained Clifford, who leads the overall rankings.

In the Pro Skim final, Keenan Flegel got first with 103.90 points, Aaron Witherell was second with 73.50 points. Flegel's Madonna, half and half and back-to-back spins were decisive.

"I struggled on the first pass, but my frontside shove-it at the end definitely got me into the finals. The second run went well with the first pass being a stand up," said Keenan Flegel.

Finally, in the Pro Wakesurf category, Keenan took first place with 112.40 points, followed by Noah in with 105.10 points.​ ​Keenan ended his second run with a Madonna, just like his Skim final, taking his second podium win of the day.

Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour 2015 | Dallas Landing Park

Pro Wakeboarding
1. Harley Clifford 97.00
2. Mike Dowdy 95.00
3. Cory Teunissen 90.67
4. Rusty Malinoski 86.67
5. Phillip Soven 83.67
6. Noah Flegel 60.67

Pro Wakesurf
1. Keenan Flegel 112.40
2. Noah Flegel 105.10

Pro Skim
1. Keenan Flegel 103.90
2. Aaron Witherell 73.50