Harley Clifford: you can't stop his double backflips | Photo: PWT

It's all over. Harley Clifford claimed the final event of the Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT) season in West Chester and took out the overall title.

The longest-running wakeboarding circuit visited Voice of America MetroPark for the first time in its history knowing that the venue would decide the 2017 champion.

Only 10 points separated Harley Clifford and Mike Dowdy from the 2016 Rookie of the Year Nic Rapa, and everyone knew it was do-or-die. The crowd held their breath, and it all came down to the last run in the best-of-two finals round.

Rapa put the pressure on Clifford. The multiple-time world champion had one last run to steal the world title from the hands of his fellow countryman. Harley took a deep breath and made history once again by landing a double back flip.

"I had to land the best run I've ever done to beat Nic. The feeling of landing that last trick, a double toe-side backroll which sealed the deal for me, is next-level – it's unbelievable," expressed Harley Clifford.

"Wakeboarding is so competitive now that every win is going to have to be like that. Everyone is throwing double flips and 1080s and 900s, and I'm just excited to see what the future holds."

In the Pro Wakesurf Tour, Floridian magician Noah Flegel secured his second consecutive world title. Next year, he aims for a double run in the PWT circus.

"It feels incredible. I couldn't be more stoked to come back next year and hopefully take both titles," added Flegel.

The 2017 Rookie of the Year award went to the 19-year-old American rider Jake Pelot.

2017 Supra Boats PWT West Chester | Finals

1. Harley Clifford - 99.00
2. Nic Rapa - 97.67
3. Mike Dowdy - 94.33
4. Cory Teunissen - 92.33
5. Noah Flegel - 82.67
6. Dean Smith - 33.33

1. Noah Flegel - 90.5
2. Parker Payne - 87.2
3. Sean Silveira - 80.7

2017 Supra Boats PWT | Final Rankings

1. Harley Clifford
2. Nic Rapa
3. Mike Dowdy

1. Noah Flegel
2. Parker Payne
3. Sean Silveira

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