Harley Clifford: the Australian won his eighth WWA world title | Photo: WWA

Harley Clifford, Meagan Ethell, and Reed Hansen have taken out the pro divisions at the 2018 WWA Wakeboard World Championships, held at Lake Ikeda, in Miyoshi, Japan.

The event crowned multiple professional and amateur world champions who compete in the Nautique Wake Series and WWA Wakeboard World Series.

American wakeskater Reed Hansen confirmed his superiority with a high-class display of signature 360s and kept Brian Grubb and Tony Iacconi in the remaining podium places.

"Ten-time world champion has a nice ring to it. I was getting pretty nostalgic standing on the start dock with Grubb after all of these years. I don't know why hitting a number like this makes you look back at the beginning" expressed Reed.

"This year, it was an awesome experience being welcomed in by the Japanese culture. I can't wait to see what the future brings."

On the pro women's category, Meagan Ethell entertained the crowd with a near-perfect first pass that included a whirly and tootsie roll, followed by KGB and T/S off axis 540 on the second pass.

"I'm so hyped to take a double win. I'm over the moon to finish the season off like this. All the ladies really progressed the sport this year," said Ethell.

Last but not least, Harley Clifford added another world title to his trophy room. In the final, the Australian managed to land a double indy tantrum and KGB, and lock in a score of 96.67.

"This is the big one! We all work hard for this year. It was so demanding that the level of consistency from all the riders was better than ever. So, I'm fortunate to be able to come out on top this season," added Clifford.

"I want to thank all riders and officials for making the events unforgettable this year, and fans who came out to support. I can't wait to see what's ahead for our sport."

2018 WWA Wakeboard World Championships | Pro Champions

Pro Men: Harley Clifford (AUS)
Pro Women: Meagan Ethell (USA)
Pro Wakeskate: Reed Hansen (USA)
Pro Junior Men: Luca Kidd (GBR)