Double-Up: when the wake boat driver and the wakeboarder work together | Photo: Rockstar Energy Drink

The double-up is one of the most spectacular maneuvers in wakeboarding. It requires a lot of training, timing, and coordination between the wake boat driver and the rider.

What's a double-up? In wakeboarding, the double-up is the brief moment when two wakes form a single wake.

It is usually more than three times the size of a normal wake and will send the wakeboarder higher than in a regular air trick.

Actually, a double-up can launch a professional wakeboarder up to 20 feet in the air.

The double-up is a rare combination of skills between the driver and the wakeboarder. It's pure teamwork - the boat goes straight, curves around, and goes back into the original rollers.

The driver should know if the athlete is riding with his right or left foot forward, and it must create a loop that is comfortable for the rider.

Keeping a straight path is mandatory, but knowing the lake's design and behavior is also fundamental. Wake boat drivers should master three basic double-ups:

  • The Standard 90-Degree Double-Up;
  • The 45-Degree Double-Up;
  • The Super Double-Up;

Double-Up 101

Wakeboarders must pay attention to the driver's wake. Timing is critical. Riders look forward to getting the most out of the extra air time.

If you miss the ideal wake, it's game over. Here's how you should approach a double-up:

  1. Watch how wakes begin to travel as the wake driver turns for the loop;
  2. Decide to ride heelside or toeside;
  3. Stay on the inside of the turn;
  4. Stay close to the wake;
  5. Eye the largest merging wake (usually the second one);
  6. Put more weight on your back foot;
  7. Get ready to jump in the V-shaped peak;
  8. Perform rotations and tricks;
  9. Extend your legs and prepare to land;
  10. Absorb the impact by bending your legs;

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