James Gray breaks the world record for the longest continuous wakeboarding session

August 14, 2015 | Wakeboarding
James Gray: riding for Cancer Research UK | Photo: Lemm Photography

James Gray has broken the Guinness World Record of the longest time on a wakeboard.

The British wakeboarder rode non-stop for seven hours, four minutes and 27 seconds, at Box End Park, in Bedford, England. He started his adventure at 6am, on the 7th August, 2015.

Gray raised funds for Cancer Research UK. His 54-year-old father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The young wakeboarder had to eat and drink while riding in the cable park.

James was towed at 31 kilometers per hour across the lake, and he had the support of more than 150 spectators. In the end, he raised over £8,500 for Cancer Research UK.

"My arms and legs have never hurt as much as they hurt right now. I used to read the books as a kid and thought it was really cool, but never thought I would ever actually break one," said James Gray.

The previous record for the longest continuous wakeboarding session was set at six hours and 42 minutes.