JD Webb steals the Brostock 2015

June 2, 2015 | Wakeboarding
Brostock 2015: conquering the skies of Lake of the Ozarks

JD Webb has conquered the Brostock 2015, in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

Hundreds of boats formed an an epic flotilla, as eight finalists took the sky to lay down their best tricks in attempt to get the $15,000 first place prize on offer at the 10th edition of the Brostock.

Harley Clifford was first off the dock and he set the bar incredibly high. His first hit of the day he stomped a clean indy double tantrum and the rest of the riders knew the game was on.

Shortly after Harley's ride though, JD Webb stepped up to the plate with an insane wrapped nose grab toe back 9. Everybody went nuts seeing JD step up like that, especially given this is his first Brostock in over five years.

Other highlights from the final round included Steel Lafferty's unbelievably large backside 1080 attempt that he nearly landed and Randall Harris' signature nose grab half cab front way, way, way into the flats.

After the riding ended the party on the flotilla continued well into the afternoon. Riders mingled with the masses and a good time was had by all, with the party eventually making its way back to shore for the awards ceremony and after party.

The crowd gathered to find out who came away with the $15k, and most knew it was between Harley and JD. In the end the judges awarded JD's style and technicality over Harley's double flip, and he came away the winner of the tenth annual Brostock.

Brostock has been around for ten years, but wasn't a contest until it's third year. JD Webb joins a list of winners which includes Jimmy LaRiche (2008), Danny Harf (2009 and 2010), Adam Fields (2011), Adam Errington (2012), Randall Harris (2013), and Harley Clifford (2014).

Brostock 2015 | Final Results

1. JD Webb
2. Harley Clifford
3. Bob Soven

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