LearnWake: the app for improving your wakeboarding skills

LearnWake is the new mobile application for wakeboarders.

The membership-based iOS app features 400-plus videos that will teach you how to pull and land from basic tricks to advanced maneuvers.

LearnWake will help you go bigger, spin better, get inverted, build your foundation, and improve your fitness with off-water training.

All instructional videos and example clips provide in-depth, step-by-step instruction for understanding, learning, and executing the trick.

Riders can also upload their videos for personalized analysis by experienced coaches. Within a week, they will receive written feedback or a voiceover on the original video with the review.

The LearnWake app is free to download. A one-year membership can be purchased for $84.99, the three-month program costs $39.99, and the monthly fee is worth $11.99.

LearnWake: 400-plus videos for you to watch