Linz gets ready for the Red Bull Wake of Steel 2013

May 2, 2013 | Wakeboarding
Red Bull Wake of Steel: flying over Linz

Sixteen international wakeboarders will pull their best tricks over a half-sunk cargo ship, at the Red Bull Wake of Steel 2013, in Linz, Austria, on the 15th June.

A 65-metre long, water-laden and thereby half-sunk cargo ship has been prepared to offer wakeboarders the ultimate playground.

A 150 cubic square metre tank has been put together inside the ship, with a 28-metre long A-frame, a pair of kickers, a 20-metre pipe, a downrail and a 12-metre iron girder for the craziest rail tricks. The highest jump is 4.5 metres above water level.

A system 2.0 will be running to offer riders countless chances to show off their full range of tricks. Some of the very best riders in the world have been selected for invites to the exclusive contest.

The starting list includes international obstacle specialists like 15-year-old Thai wonderkid Daniel Grant, who will be looking to defend his title after becoming the inaugural winner last year.

That will be no easy task as rider of the year, Raph Derome from Canada, will be taking part in Linz too. Having been finalists last year, the world title-winning pair of Dominik Gührs and Frederick von Osten are invited as is German obstacle specialist Nico von Lerchenfeld.

Local fans are also looking forward to an appearance from Austria's Dominik Hernler. The youngster from Carinthia, who last year came close to sealing a home success and instead landed a superb second place finish, has made a name for himself as a rail master with his boat European championship medals on board.

In Linz for the first time are newly crowned WWA World Champion James Windsor from Australia along with Adam Errington from the USA.

Red Bull Wake of Steel 2013 | Starting List

1. Daniel Grant (THAI)
2. Dominik Hernler (AUT)
3. Freddy von Osten (GER)
4. Dominik Gührs (GER)
5. Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER)
6. Raph Derome (CAN)
7. Adam Errington (USA)
8. James Windsor (AUS)
9. Daniel Fetz (AUT)
10. Emilio Epstein (AUT)
11. Nikita Martyanov (RUS)
12. Szebastian Szolath (HUN)
13. Mark Rossiter (GBR)
14. Brenton Priestley (AUS)
15. Mitch Langfield (AUS)
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