Mike Dowdy lands the world's first wake-to-wake 1260

July 16, 2015 | Wakeboarding
Mike Dowdy: he pulled the world's first ever wake-to-wake 1260 | Photo: X Games/Bradlee Rutledge

Mike Dowdy has successfully landed the world's first ever wake-to-wake 1260.

The 21-year-old wakeboarder from Pinckney, Michigan, is not new to pushing the boundaries of the sport but, this time, and behind a Super Air Nautique G23, "Dirty" Dowdy did the unimaginable.

"The level of riding is insane with the G23 making the biggest, best-shaped wake in the industry. It's allowed me to push myself, and the sport to new places with tricks now being landed that everyone thought to be impossible before the Nautique G23 was introduced," underlined Mike Dowdy.

Dowdy has been blowing minds with a creative collection of multiple double flip variations, and innovative versions of well-established tricks. Wakeboarding's first ever wake-to-wake 1260 is just the result of a natural evolution.

"Dirty" Mike Dowdy has been considered Rookie of the Year at the 2013 Pro Wakeboard Tour. When he's not riding wakes, you can find him skateboarding and painting.