Nikita Martyanov: the Russian wakeboarder takes on Greenland | Photo: Shakuto/Red Bull

Nikita Martyanov traveled to the north for a unique wakeboarding ride in the heart of Greenland.

Greenland. The biggest island in the world is located in the Arctic Circle, northeast of North America, and is covered in permafrost.

Nearly all of its inhabitants live in a small community in the southwest of the island.

One of the largest populated areas in the port city of Ilulissat, famous for its ice fjord.

Most of the local people - known as the Inuits - are fishermen and hunters. Life on the island is difficult and extreme.

Summer here means a polar day (midnight sun), which means the sun shines 24 hours a day.

The weather conditions in Greenland can drive any Westerner crazy. It's always cold and windy, even in July.

The vessel booked for Nikita Martyanov's adventure broke. But, a few days later, the crew managed to find a 60-year-old Danish wooden boat built for geological research.

Nikita Martyanov: he had to wear a special wetsuit in Greenland | Photo: Shakuto/Red Bull

Near-Frozen Waters

Greenland is known as the icebergs' country and is responsible for creating the ice mountain that destroyed the Titanic, but the captain agreed to help and took the team to Disko Bay aboard "Katak."

The place is always filled with glacier fragments of different sizes and shapes, and the temperatures here range between zero and three degrees Celsius.

So Nikita Martyanov had to put on a special wetsuit before jumping into a mix of salt and freshwater where whales abound.

The Russian wakeboard rode some of the most challenging natural iceberg and glacier surfaces in the region.

"We shot between two and three hours a day in the water with temperatures of around zero degrees Celsius. Every time I could, I would just change into dry clothes to avoid experiencing problems associated with very cold water," explained Nikita Martyanov.

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