Punta Cana crowns new wakeboarding champions

October 12, 2016 | Wakeboarding
Massi Piffaretti: a tasty win in Punta Cana | Photo: WWA

Massi Piffaretti and Nicola Butler conquered the 2016 Malibu Punta Cana Pro, in the Dominican Republic.

The last event of the Malibu Evolution Pro Series and Wakeboard World Series (WBWS) determined the season champions in choppy, hurricane-affected waters.

There was a lot at stake in the Pro Men's final, but the Italian wakeboarder was too strong and won the first WBWS event of his career.

"The event all around was insane, the location was amazing and riding behind Malibu's industry-leading products allowed for me to lay down huge tricks all season. Conditions were a little bumpy on the water with a sea wall on each side of the course, but overall this is one of the best events I have been apart of," expressed Massi Piffaretti.

In the end, Tony Iacconi won the Malibu Pro Evolution Series 2016, and Mike Dowdy was crowned the 2016 Wakeboard World Series champion.

On the women's side, Nicola Butler stormed the system with triple celebrations. The American wakeboarder won the Punta Cana Pro and confirmed her superiority in both Series.

"At the beginning of the season I set goals for myself, and today I was able to accomplish the goals that I had established by placing as the top overall finisher in the Malibu Evolution Pro Series and Wakeboard World Series. This has definitely been one of the best years of my career," underlined Butler.

Malibu Evolution Pro Series 2016 | Top 3

1. Tony Iacconi (AUS) - 260
2. Massi Piffaretti (ITA) - 255
3. Mike Dowdy (USA) - 255

1. Nicola Butler (USA) - 300
2. Tarah Mikacich (USA) - 225
3. Amber Wing (AUS) - 220

Wakeboard World Series 2016 | Top 3

1. Mike Dowdy (USA), 590
2. Tony Iacconi (AUS), 525
3. Nic Rapa (AUS), 510

1. Nicola Butler (USA), 585
2. Amber Wing (AUS), 527
3. Tarah Mikacich (USA), 505