Raph Derome flies to victory at the Red Bull Rising High

June 26, 2013 | Wakeboarding
Red Bull Rising High: wakeboarding fever

Raph Derome has conquered the Red Bull Rising High, in front of 15,000 wakeboarding fans, at the Magellan Terraces, in Hamburg.

Unit Parktech's innovative combination of XXL kicker and landing pulled by Sesitec System 2.0 was the star of the wakeboarding show.

Raph Derome pulled the first Heelside Frontside 900 and made the finals, along with Dominik Gührs, Dominik Hernler and Nico von Lerchenfeld.

The first winners of the Red Bull Rising High had to be crowned. Nico von Lerchenfeld landed his Heelside Backside 700, but missed the 900. Dominik Gührs pulled his 9 and got third, and Dominik Hernler came in second, with a super clean and grabbed Back Mobe.

Judges decided and Raph Derome added the Red Bull Rising High boxing belt to his trophy collection, since he was the only rider to lock-in a Heelside Frontside 1080.

"The contest was dope! The roller was a lot of fun, and it will surely give kicker riding a boost in the next couple of years. Winning Red Bull Rising High was the perfect ending for my week in Hamburg", says Derome.

The "Swatch Best Style Award" went to Nico von Lerchenfeld for his Indy Crowmobe, collecting the most clicks at the digital fan voting.

Red Bull Rising High 2013 | Results

1. Raph Derome (CAN) – 89.75 points
2. Dominik Hernler (AUT) – 84.25 points
3. Dominik Gührs (GER) – 81 points
4. Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER) – 79.5 points

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