Riding a wakeboard everywhere in the Netherlands

September 24, 2018 | Wakeboarding
Mik Nieuwenhoff: who said you can't ride a wakeboard over soil? | Photo: WaxThat

"Better" is the new chapter on WaxThat's Winch Tour. And it's a different way of playing with a wakeboard.

Directed by Daan Rigter and shot by Lex Dekker, the short film documents two adrenaline-fuelled weeks of winch wakeboarding across the Netherlands.

Prepare for a different wake edit. In "Better," Antoine Allaux, Dirk van Esser, Lior Sofer, and Mik Nieuwenhoff put their bones to the test in urban and rural environments.

They challenge the classic idea of wakeboarding and ride everything they encounter: water, iron, concrete, grass, mud, soil, etc. And they even use tractors to their advantage.

Watch four incredibly talented wakeboarders taking on the green fields of the Netherlands, and embracing a few dangerous, high-speed stunts in an urban context.

The crew behind WaxThat even developed a new and adjustable lightweight kicker that propels riders into the sky and over thin water channels. Let creativity do its work.