Seasons: a documentary about the spirit of wakeboarding

It's the film all wakeboarders have been waiting for. "Seasons" follows the life of 18 male and female riders who share the same passion.

The documentary, directed by Jamie Graff, witnessed the present and future of wakeboarding and wakesurfing as young and not-so-young athletes showcase their talent and skills through the seasons of the year.

Adam Silcio, Austin Keen, Ben Watts, Bryan Magaldi, Callaway Ford, Corey Bradley, Gigi Meyer, Jamie Eichler, Jeff Langley, Jeremy Haley, Joel Schrader, Mark Roche, Missy Olivares, Morgan Crescent, Oli Derome, Pierce Bishop, Steel Lafferty, and Vinny Knapp will conquer your heart.

If you've never tried it, "Seasons" will inspire you to start wakeboarding. No matter how old you are. If you've already joined the wake community, the movie will inspire and teach you something.

The team behind "Season" shot the film in Terminus Park, Lake Martin, Watts' Farm, and Lake Lanier (spring), Destin Beach, Emerald Grand Yacht, and Intracoastal Waterway (summer), Smith Lake (fall), and at Sunwest Park (winter).

"Wakeboarding is a sport that gathers everyone and brings them together. It's spending the day either in the boat, or setting up the boat, or hanging out on the beach. So, we all became friends quickly and spent a good time," explains Oli Derome.

It doesn't matter if you're 11 or 40. Wakeboarding is always exciting and new, behind a boat or pulled by a cable ski.