Shredtown Jamboree sets the standards in System 2.0 wake contests

May 8, 2015 | Wakeboarding
Shredtown Jamboree: spectacular event, excellent riders

The first ever Shredtown Jamboree 2015 featured 20 of the world's best wake tricksters at Shredtown Ranch, Athens, Texas. Graeme Burress won the "Jamboree Stand Out Award".

The video highlights of the Shredtown Jamboree 2015 set the standards of excellence in professional wakeboarding competitions. You can't beat those camera angles.

In the first day, and under a very relaxed atmosphere, Dom Hernler, James Windsor, Oli Derome and Raph Derome were picked for the evening showdown, as they battled it out for the "Best Trick" award.

The Texan System 2.0 Park is amazing, and Raph Derome took it to a new level. He won the "Best Trick" and "Bet Line" awards in the inaugural Shredtown Jamboree 2015, while Dom Hernler came away with the "Best Trick Gap".

As usual, wipeouts were part of the process. Take a look at the crash reel to get an idea of the effort that went into each and every trick pulled throughout the weekend.

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