Snapshot: a wakeboarding documentary by Sven Siese and Soeren Fischer | Photo: Snapshot.Pictures

"Snapshot" is a wakeboarding documentary that traces the origins of the sport since it became a thing in the mid-1980s.

The 59-minute film by Sven Siese and Soeren Fischer is finally available for online viewing.

"Snapshot" provides an insight into the multiple facets of these growing outdoor activities since they evolved from water skiing disciplines to de-facto sports.

The documentary features interviews with Bruno Rixen, the inventor of the waterski cableways, Patrick Panakos, Thomas Horrell, Jimmy Redmon, Tony Finn, and many more.

"No one really believed in wakeboarding, and everyone who did it knew it could be its own sport. And you can see the way it branched off from water skiing," underlines professional wakeboarder, Parks Bonifay.

The Explosion and the Evolution of Wakeboarding

The feature-length documentary reveals how wakeboarding and wakeskating became popular sports with more than 400 cable parks installed in 50 different countries all over the world.

The production team shot the movie in four nations and captured around 50 performers doing stunning tricks and maneuvers in several scenarios.

Expect never seen before wake footage from riders like Daniel Grant, Harley Clifford, Cory Teunissen, Brian Grubb, Reed Hansen, Dominik Gührs, Lior Sofer, and many other stars of the sport.

There are also untold stories and curious details from the pioneers of wakeboarding waiting to be revealed.

"Snapshot" is available via Vimeo On Demand for €12.90.