Sound of Wake: wakeboarder Dominik Hernler rides Mozart's hometown landmarks | Photo: Red Bull

Sticking to the diktat "holiday at home," Austrian pro wakeboarder Dominik Hernler set out to explore Mozart's haunt of Salzburg, Austria, on a mission to play with the Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

The 28-year-old's instrument of choice is his well-tuned wakeboard and a pair of cymbals.

Confused? Just wait for the crescendo.

Hernler's adventure kicks off with a wakeboard down the Salzach River, traverses the Hellbrunn Palace and Leopoldskron Pond, through the Mirabell Gardens, and then into the old town, before the final smash of his cymbals for conductor Elisabeth Fuchs and the Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra, in the Large Festival Hall.

The whole project involved a collaborative piece by DJ duo Camo & Krooked and the Austrian classical composer Christian Kolonovits and played by the Red Bull Symphonic.

With holidays abroad in a holding pattern, Carinthia's pro wakeboarder Dominik Hernler decided to burn through Salzburg, the world-famous city of Mozart, on a mission to play the final cymbals for the esteemed conductor Elisabeth Fuchs and the Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra, in the Large Festival Hall.

But his whistle-stop tour of the city doesn't follow conventional paths.

Picking a well-tuned stick from his quiver of wakeboards, Dominik carves, spins, and sprays his way through the city's wet spots to a tempo and tune of his own making.

Dominik Hernler: riding a rail at the Schloss Hellbrunn in Salzburg | Photo: Red Bull

A Crescendo Stunt

The adventure starts on the River Salzach, as he tears lines into the wake of the Amadeus Salzburg river cruiser, with views of the old town and Hohensalzburg Fortress.

With time ticking on his curtain call at the Great Festival Hall, Dominik ups the tempo, blazing through the Hellbrunn Palace and Leopoldskron Castle before flipping and spraying his way through Mirabell Gardens and down the Almkanal channel.

With a little costume change and a base shredding drag through the old town, he reaches the Large Festival Hall without a second to spare, clanging his cymbals for conductor Elisabeth Fuchs and the Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

It's a fitting high-octane crescendo to the 100th anniversary of the Salzburg Festival.

Hernler's hell-raising dash through the city of Mozart included a stunning photo essay of trickery and spectacular cityscapes and a next-level film edit set to the sounds of drum n' bass producers and composer and the Austrian composer.

This is the perfect soundtrack for a city tour of modern tricks and classic landscapes.

"The idea behind the 'Sound of Wake' was to combine storytelling with wakeboarding, classical music, and the historic icons of Salzburg," says Dominik Hernler describing his adventure.

"It was an absolute challenge for the whole team and me. But it really paid off, and the results are just brilliant."

Wakeboarding unconventional spots and a bag of demanding tricks was a very special challenge for Dominik Hernler, but the "Sound of Wake" is the juicy fruit of a year of intensive planning and six days of dawn-to-dusk filming.

It was certainly worth the blood, sweat, and red tape. Enjoy the ride.