Harley Clifford: a Perfect 100 in the pocket

Harley Clifford has completed the first-ever Perfect 100-point run in the history of competitive wakeboarding.

The Australian wakeboarder celebrated the accomplishment during the 56th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament, held at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain.

Clifford came out of the gates blasting off of the wake with huge back-to-back double flips in his first pass and a double backroll off the double-up to take the win.

"I’m still buzzing after nailing the first ever Perfect 100 score in pro wakeboard history a couple of weeks back! Thanks, everyone, for the constant support. Stoked on my year so far!" expressed Harley Clifford.

The regular-footed wakeboarder from Redland Bay completed the flawless ride behind Super Air Nautique G23 and in front of hundreds of spectators on the beach. At only 21, Clifford wrote history.

On his first pass, Clifford did a switch heelside frontside 9, a heelside backside 7, a toeside 9, a double indy tantrum, and a double indy half cab roll.

Clifford's second pass included a nuclear blind pete, a front mobe 5, a nose grab crow mobe 5, a tail backroll to blind, and a pete rose.

And for the double up, a double indy backroll.

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