Aurelia Chenat: a wakesurfer/model with a French riding style

She calls herself an agent provocateur. But she knows how to have fun on a wakesurf board. Meet Aurelia Chenat, the party girl that is always chasing entertainment and joie de vivre.

Aurelia Chenat is a French model who spends a lot of time in Asia. Whenever she can, she jumps on a boat and rides the wakes with a glass of wine.

Aurelia makes wakesurfing fun, accessible, and relatively easy.

If you're in the region, you might find the regular-footer riding the incredible waters of James Bond Island or the stunning aquatic scenarios located in the outskirts of crazy Hong Kong.

Chenat is not worried about what people think of her. Yes, she's got an alternative approach to wakesurfing, but creativity has never been a crime.

Recently, she added a burlesque, a la française twist to her riding style. Come on, don't blame her. She's the one and only Aurelia Chenat.

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