Timo Kapl: taking over the shipping containers of Hamburg's Sandtorhafen harbor | Photo: Shutterstock

Timo Kapl was the surprise winner of Red Bull Wake Capital.

The world's best wakeboarders descended on Hamburg, Germany, to tackle a hugely challenging course in the shadow of the iconic Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

Held in Hamburg's Sandtorhafen harbor, Red Bull Wake Capital saw 16 competitors take on a spectacular course.

The scenario was perfect and complete with shipping containers, industrial pipes, and excavators.

Each of the world-class wakeboarders would attempt to impress the judges by performing a series of tricks and kicks along the 240-meter track, which featured nine obstacles.

The Run of a Lifetime

Austria's Kapl would emerge victorious thanks to a memorable performance in his second superfinals run that included a backside 450 onto the drop-down rail right out of the gate.

This was enough to earn 86.66 points from the judges and take first place ahead of the pre-event favorites.

Thailand's Daniel Grant (84.66) claimed second and American rider Guenther Oka (81.00) finished third.

"I gave it my all and put in the run of my life," said Kapl.

"I'm super happy to have won here. I had a very bad injury two years ago and didn't know if I could come back again - and now this."

"The track here in Hamburg is totally unique. When I saw it for the first time, I was really overwhelmed by what kind of set-up was built here," added Grant, who finished second.

"We all had a lot of respect, but we were able to adjust well to the conditions during the two days of training and had a lot of fun today."

2021 Red Bull Wake Capital | Results

1. Timo Kapl
2. Daniel Grant
3. Guenther Oka