US Park Pro: the new cable wakeboarding series

March 18, 2019 | Wakeboarding
Cable wakeboarding: the new US Park Pro series is open to professional riders | Photo: Shutterstock

Liquid Force has announced the launch of the US Park Pro.

The three-stop event series will run in association with the World Wake Association (WWA) and will feature some of the best cable park wakeboarders in the United States.

All three stages will be run in June 2019 and held in Sacramento's Wake Island, Illinois' Quarry Cable Park, and Georgia's Terminus Wakepark.

The triple crown of cable wakeboarding is open to all professional and junior riders.

"Park riding is growing every year in the US, but the athletes here haven't had a way to show off their talents. Up until now, most of the pro events have been hosted overseas," explains Aaron Grace, marketing director at Liquid Force.

"The US Park Pro is the first professional series in the United States in years that will bring the best riders from around the globe to compete at three different parks."

"Although this is a combined series, each stop will be a unique event with its own format. Additionally, we're very fortunate and thankful that the series is being managed by the King of the Cable, Tom Fooshee."

"Tom has more knowledge about park riding than any other person in the sport. Tom is the vision behind the US Park Pro which makes all of us very confident that this will be the best park event ever!" concludes Grace.

Tom Fooshee Leads the Way

Tom Fooshee is happy to participate actively on the new premier professional full-size cable park series in wakeboarding.

"I am taking a step away from competing so that I can use my 15 plus years of experience as both a rider and a judge to create a brand new and unique platform for these events," reveals Fooshee.

"Not only will the series display an exciting and creative feature layout, but it will also incorporate new evolving formats and scoring."

"I am also extremely excited to accommodate our foreign and domestic riders by creating three back-to-back weekends that makes it easy on their wallets, and potentially walk away with a pocket full of prize money."

"As the chief judge and tournament director, I can assure you that this will be a breath of fresh air in the world of full-size park events. I cannot wait for everyone to hear and see what we are doing to change competitive park riding with the 2019 US Park Pro Series!"

2019 US Park Pro | Schedule

Wake Island | Sacramento, California | June 7-8
Quarry Cable Park | Crystal Lake, Illinois | June 14-15
Terminus Wakepark | Cartersville, Georgia | June 21-22