Wake foiling: blending the pleasures of wakeboarding with hydrofoil innovation | Photo: Slingshot

Are you ready to step into wake foiling? The newly launched Wake Foil Academy will guide you through the new wakeboarding discipline.

Slingshot believes that wake foiling is a natural evolution that started with wakeboarding and then progressed to wakesurfing.

"Imagine feeling like you are snowboarding in three feet of fresh, untouched powder. Or floating above the water, from turn to turn, in any water condition. That is wake foiling," states the action sports company.

"And that feeling inspired us to create our all-new Wake Foil Academy, where you can easily learn how to take up this new sport."

The free online course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about learning to hydrofoil.

Slingshot's step-by-step teaching method gets you up and gliding above the water with relative ease.

The Wake Foil Academy features seven chapters, in which pro wakeboarder Jeff McKee covers the skills you need to become an accomplished foiler.

You'll find wake surfing basics, equipment design tips, and essential riding tricks.