Wake stars shine in "LF'N Awesome"

October 23, 2015 | Wakeboarding
LF'N Awesome: a wakeboarding movie shot in multiple exotic locations | Photo: Liquid Force

"LF'N Awesome" was supposed to be a film about wakeboarding. And, apparently, it is.

They've traveled the world with their wakeboards. The stars of the new movie buy Liquid Force have ridden multiple prime spots in Canada, Thailand, Florida, Australia, Philippines, and Area 52.

The journey is led by Harley Clifford, Daniel Grant, Raph Derome, Nico Von Lerchenfeld, Bob Soven, and friends. They will explore everything; they'll jump over anything.

The water sports brand has already released "Wide Awake," "Tomorrow," "Relentless," "Encore," and "The Truth."

"LF'N Awesome", a Blu-ray wakeboarding movie, was directed by Keith Kipp. It can be yours for $24.99.

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