Winners named at the Palembang Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup

May 9, 2013 | Wakeboarding
Palembang Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup 2013: stars doing their job

Harley Clifford, Zharnasek Aliaksei and Krueger Freddy have taken the Palembang Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup 2013, in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

The 37th World Cup stop in the series of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) was held in an exotic location, situated almost on the Equator.

The events involved were Wakeboard, Jump and Shortboard. In Wakeboard, now under consideration for the 2020 Olympic Games, the two biggest international stars wowed the thousands of spectators once again: Harley Clifford and Raimi Merrit. They both won their division.

In the Shortboard division, Clementine Lucine and Zharnasek Aliaksei conquered the Indonesian titles. Finally, as the spectators packed the entire purpose-built waterski lake, in the Jakabaring sports Complex, it was time for the Jump discipline.

In the Women's event, Australia's super star Jacinta Carroll scored a distance of 48.9 meters. In the Men's competition, Freddy Krueger entered the arena to land a winning score of 64.1 meters.