World Wakeboard Association sets new pro ranking card

February 11, 2013 | Wakeboarding
Wakeboarding: getting the pros in the rankings

The World Wakeboard Association has announced the creation of the Malibu Boats WWA Pro Card, a program which includes qualifying and ranking criteria to establish a higher level of competition.

The all-new WWA Pro Card, renewed annually based on WWA World Rankings, legitimizes elite-level riders that are truly professional and encourages them - regardless of wakeboard (boat) or wake park (cable) - to set a higher standard of riding at professional contests.

The WWA Pro Card works based two major criteria: qualifying and rankings. At the beginning of each season, the WWA will hold Pro Card qualifier events (both boat and cable), open to all riders and not based on age.

Once a rider has qualified to acquire their WWA Pro Card, they will be ranked on the WWA World Rankings list, a multi-year, cumulative ranking from all major WWA Pro events around the world.

The WWA Wakeboard (Boat) World Rankings and the WWA Wake Park (Cable) World Rankings work hand-in-hand with the WWA Pro Card.

The top 25 riders on the Wakeboard World Rankings and the top 15 on the Wake Park World Rankings lists automatically retain their Malibu Boats WWA Pro Card for the following season.

Riders who do not meet the Malibu Boats WWA Pro Card qualifying criteria will be able to earn it again at several events throughout the year, such as a Malibu Boats WWA Pro Card qualifier events and select WWA sanctioned events.

"I'm pumped to get the #1 spot in the WWA Wakeboard World Rankings. It's a great feeling to have accomplished this with so many great riders on my tail. I'm going to do all I can to maintain my rank for years to come", says Phil Soven.

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