Ferreira do Zezere: Portugal's ultimate wake spot | Photo: WWA

Harley Clifford won the 2015 WWA Supra Boats World Championship, at Ferreira do Zezere, in Portugal.

The Australian wakeboarder won his fifth event of the season and he is already the new 2015 WWA Wakeboard World Series champion when there's only one stage left until the end of the season.

Despite the tight battle between the top three athletes, Clifford landed two 900s and several mobe 5 variations and stole the show in the perfect Portuguese scenario.

"I had so much fun out on the lake today. We had a great turn out with fans going crazy all weekend and the competition couldn't have been more stacked for them in main. Overall, I couldn't be happier with how the weekend went," expressed Harley Clifford.

In the Pro Women's affair, Meagan Ethell, Dallas Friday and Raimi Merrit competed for the world title. Ethell stuck four mobes with a few competent spins and grabs and was crowned world champion.

"I'm so stoked to be crowned World Champion. The conditions here in Portugal were perfect all weekend which allowed me to land everything in my trick list on my final run. This year has been intense to say the least, and I'm really looking forward to the next round," said Meagan Ethell.

Reed Hansen confirmed his eighth world title in Pro Wakeskate. The rider from Florida showcased three different 360 variations and remains unbeatable.

"Portugal has been bar far my favorite event of the year. From the fans to the city atmosphere, I had a blast riding here. The water conditions were prime today, coupled with the amazing wake of the Supra SE550 allowed me to land everything and grab the World Championship," concluded Hansen.

The event held at Lago Azul also crowned 16 amateur world champions, including the Portuguese Andres Aliso, Tiago Miguel and Joana Leitão.

2015 WWA Supra Wakeboard World Championships | Pro Finals

Pro Wakeboard Men
1. Harley Clifford (AUS)
2. Noah Flegel (USA)
3. Cory Teunissen (AUS)

Pro Wakeboard Women
1. Meagan Ethell (USA)
2. Raimi Merritt (USA)
3. Dallas Friday (USA)

Pro Wakeskate
1. Reed Hansen (USA)
2. Danny Hampson (USA)
3. Austin Polterock (USA)

Junior Pro Men
1. Nic Rappa (AUS)
2. Tyler Higham (USA)
3. Joel Bartley (AUS)