Erkka Lehtonen rode his wakeboard for 10 hours and 15 minutes

Erkka Lehtonen broke the world record for the longest non-stop wake ride in a cable wakeboarding park.

The Finnish wakeboarder stood up and running for 10 hours and 15 minutes in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea.

The previous record belonged to Mickey Henry, who in 2016 rode a wakeboard continuously for 10 hours and 5 seconds, What Wake Park, in Bala, Canada.

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Finnish athlete aims to ride a wakeboard for 12 consecutive hours

Erkka Lehtonen will try to ride a wakeboard for 12 hours in a solar-powered cable wakeboarding park.

The attempt will take place at Laguuni, a water sports center in Finland. The local cable wakeboarding track is powered by a solar electricity system with 20 solar panels, provided by the Finnish clean-energy company Fortum.

There is only a handful of wakeboarding world records made in Finland, the last one done in 2001.

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The 2018 Georgia Wake Series calendar

The full schedule for the 2018 Georgia Wake Series has been released.

Following a sophomore year that saw the Georgia Wake Series expand the schedule with an additional cable stop, resulting in nail-biting finishes where State champions were not determined until the final pass, the season was a tremendous success.

For 2018, the Georgia Wake Series grows to eight total events including four cable and four boat stops, making it the most balanced grassroots series in the country.

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