"Seasons" chases the soul of wakeboarding

It's the film all wakeboarders have been waiting for. "Seasons" follows the life of 18 male and female riders who share the same passion.

The documentary directed by Jamie Graff witnessed the present and future of wakeboarding and wakesurfing, as young and not-so-young athletes showcase their talent and skills through the seasons of the year.

Adam Silcio, Austin Keen, Ben Watts, Bryan Magaldi, Callaway Ford, Corey Bradley, Gigi Meyer, Jamie Eichler, Jeff Langley, Jeremy Haley, Joel Schrader, Mark Roche, Missy Olivares, Morgan Crescent, Oli Derome, Pierce Bishop, Steel Lafferty, and Vinny Knapp will conquer your heart.

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Harley Clifford kicks off the 2016 season with a bang

Harley Clifford has taken out the 2016 Nautique Wake Open, at the Orlando Watersports Complex, in Florida.

The wakeboarding champion has once again stepped up his game and pulled a double half-cab roll to claim the best run of the finals with a score of 94.00.

"I couldn't be happier with my riding today. Mike and JD crushed their runs and left me with no choice but to go out and pull out big tricks. I'm looking forward to carrying the momentum from this weekend into the remainder of the season," said Clifford.

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World's first wakeboarding resort opens in Castelo de Bode

The world's first wakeboarding resort will open in Castelo de Bode, Portugal, in June 2016.

The 600,000 euros investment will translate into six cable systems spread through the Castelo de Bode, the largest freshwater lake in Portugal. The cable systems will be connected by boat transfers, just like in ski resorts.

The 30-kilometer wakeboarding experience will allow riders to perform different tricks and maneuvers in multiple natural amphitheatres. The number of Portuguese wakeboarding enthusiasts is expected to double in less than a year.

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