Wakeboard News Headlines and Top Stories

Twenty-year-old Cory Teunissen dropped "Numb," an action-packed video edit with hardcore wakeboarding magic.
How is it that the entertainment machines, filmmakers, creatives, authors, and artists, which have churned out thousands upon thousands of stories, in seemingly every genre, topic, and medium imaginable hasn't yet given wakeboarding a story? No movie? No book? No graphic novel?
Austrian wakeboarder Dominik Hernler spent two weeks this summer on the River Seine in France.
It's all over. Harley Clifford claimed the final event of the Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT) season in West Chester and took out the overall title.
Nic Rapa and Nicola Butler have taken out the Malibu Factory Smoky Mountain Pro 2017, in Louden, Tennessee.
LearnWake is the new mobile application for wakeboarders.