Turkmenistan: the Yelken Yacht Club is waiting for the pros

Turkmenistan will be hosting a Slalom event for the 2014 PWA World Tour, in July. The former republic of the Soviet Union is the latest surprise in the windsurfing world.

The Karakum Desert, which covers much of Turkmenistan, is one of the driest deserts in the world. You won't find many people living there.

Fortunately, there's more than the arid sands of Karakum. Turkmenistan also provides 1098 miles (1,768 kilometers) of coastline with the Caspian Sea.

Awaza, a seaside resort built in the last five years, will host a Slalom windsurfing competition, under the PWA World Tour flag. The impromptu town will be welcoming competitors at the Yelken Yacht Club's windsurf center.

The most frequent winds travel from northern and southeastern directions during most part of the year. All eastern winds appear, on average, during 35,9% of the year.

More often they are observed in the winter (41,3%), when the stable cyclones form above areas of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

During summer, the average wind speed is relatively low. It ranges between four-six knots, and increases from south to north.

Turkmenistan is slowly opening its doors to the Western world. Will windsurfing be the key to a new water sports nation?

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