Thomas Traversa: mastering ramps at Carro | Photo: Jeremy Lacave

Thomas Traversa has claimed the first chapter of the Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour 2014, at Carro, France.

The Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour will get the best French sailors competing in the premium French surf spots.

The circuit will travel through Carro, Ghjunkidu, L'Ile aux Vaches, Hossegor, Toulhars and Crozon. Thirty windsurfers have been picked based on previous wave contest results.

The Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour is run in a waiting period system to improve the chances of getting the best possible maritime and wind conditions.

Competitors will be informed by the contest organizers if and when they should travel to the venue. The overall circuit is concluded in December, 2014.

Thomas Traversa, Antoine Albeau, Jules Denel, Julien Taboulet, Régis Bourron, JB Caste, Patrick Vigouroux, Julien Quentel, and Justin Denel are some of the windsurfers set for the challenge.

"The Search" is on for windsurfers.

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