Fuerteventura Wave Classic

Day 6 delivered awesome action! We started slowly in Cotillo this morning, finishing heat #3 of yesterday's first round, and then we all moved to Puertito as the spot started going off.

There, the organization sent the riders in mast high monsters and after some nice crashes, great air actions, deep surfs and a few destroyed rigs, a 2nd round could have been completed today in hardcore conditions.

Heat #3 : Will vs Ilya vs Yannick vs Boujmaa vs Dario.

Today the morning spots check brought the riders and the organization in Cotillo's beach again, as the swell was again better down there, with 10-15 knots side shore wind.

In these conditions, mostly the same as we met yesterday, riders of heat #3 could finally complete their heat. Surely motivated by the good points scored yesterday by his 2 team partners, Robin and Stephane, Boujmaa shot the best waves and did the best moves, in front of 2/Yannick Anton, 3/Will Ward, 4/Ilya Escario and 5/Dario Ojeda.

As we were about to do another 2nd round right after lunch, Thomas came back from Puertito, really excited at the idea of bringing again all his friends there as the spot was starting to get on fire : "it's side shore, 2m sets, and nobody there!!! What are we waiting for?" In less than 10 mn, all were gone.

Up there, the sets were really clean and started to build up... The 2nd round will take place here! As soon as the teams had selected who will go first, 1st riders of heat #1 entered the arena and great action could finally start in Puertito's "hot" waves...

Heat #1 : Ilya vs Antony vs Robin vs Francisco vs Thomas (he wants his revenge!)
Heat #2 : Klaas vs Dario vs Stephane vs Will vs JB.
Heat #3 : Aleix vs Jaume vs Boujmaa vs Jonas vs Yannick.

14.46 pm : Heat #1 already delivered some good actions in solid head high sets. Francisco Porcella, who missed his heat in Cotillo yesterday, got his revenge and shot the biggest sets of this heat, while not even after 10mn, Thomas Traversa was crunched by a monster wave - no more sail, cut in half! Still, with 20mn to go, he took his time to rig another sail and went again to finally score a great aerial in the critical section of this local wave he perfectly knows, to finish then 2nd.

Robin Goffinet, used to big conditions at home in France, charged some good ones and even went for a 360, but got ejected! He ends 3rd equally with Antony Ruenes who also shot some nice bullets, while local windsurfer Ilya Escario(5th) did not feel really confident in these conditions as it was his first ride here in Puertito. Finally, Francisco finished 1st as he certainly caught the best waves of this heat, bringing good points to his team!

15.45 pm : In heat #2, Stephane Etienne showed everybody he also perfectly knows this spot he is used to sail when it's big. In these conditions, he expoited some great sections and landed a perfect aerial on a deep one in the last minutes of the heat, finishing 1st and leaving Dario Ojeda in 2nd place. The local from Gran Canaria also showed a good potential in these hardcore conditions while in 3rd, Klaas Voget certainly took the biggest sets, but without really going for it as he did not sail Puertito to try the spot on day 4. Will Ward finished 4th with some solid wave rides and clean snaps, and it looked like JB Caste was not confident at all in these high mast waves.

16.45 pm : We were expecting great action also from heat #3 as Boujmaa Guilloul, local Jaume Coll, Aleix Sanllehy, Yannick Anton and Jonas Ceballos hit the water. In waves getting even bigger than in the last heats, the 5 riders went charging even more! Jonas was on top in these conditions and did a perfect wave selection, scoring not much waves but the biggest. With 2 clean landed aerials, he got the 1st position while Yannick, nevertheless used to sail on this reefbreak, finished 2nd behind Jonas with also a good commitment in his actions, always looking for the critical section to launch his aerials! In 3rd came Boujmaa, pretty confident with his 1st place in his heat this morning in Cotillo. In spite of some deep bottom turns and 2 clean landed aerials, he did not get the biggest waves of this heat but it was enough for the judges to put him 2nd equally with Yannick. Local Jaume Coll showed on day 4 he was a charger in Puertito, going for it on some sections no one would go, but this time, Jaume stayed too much on the inside. He caught a lot of waves but not the biggest and longest ones, relegating him to 4th place. In this moderate wind, with a bigger board, Aleix felt better than yesterday in Cotillo's light wind and did good as he shot a few big waves, but it was not enough to get the points from the judges. He ends 5th.

17.15 pm : action is over here in Puertito. After some big crashes, great moves in huge waves and destroyed rigs and boards, riders are tired but happy of this long journey... Tomorrow's action should even get more harcore as the swell must come up again!!! We can't figure out how sick this is gonna be!!! Skippers'meeting has been given at 10 am.

Results of heat #1 : 1/Francisco, 2/Thomas, 3ex/Robin-Antony and 5/Ilya...
Results of heat #2 : 1/Stephane, 2/Dario, 3/Klaas, 4/Will and 5/JB.
Results of heat #3 : 1/Jonas , 2ex/Boujmaa/Yannick , 4/Jaume , 5/Aleix .

1/ Stephane Etienne's team with 23 pts.
2/ Will Ward's team with 21 pts.
3/ Yanncik Anton's team with 17.5 pts.
4/ Jaume Coll's team with 15.5 pts.
5/ Ilya Escario's team with 13 pts.

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