Ploof Windpark Challenge 2014: homemade freestyle ramp

Arnaud Levillain has taken out the Ploof Windpark Challenge 2014, in Guadeloupe.

Twelve local windsurfers gathered for a unique competition. In the Ploof Windpark Challenge, riders must execute extraordinary maneuvers in less than three minutes.

Despite the light wind conditions, windsurfers were able to delight spectators with a great freestyle show, as they got towed by a jet ski and jumped the ramp built for the occasion.

Everyone enjoyed the event, and the team behind the Ploof Windpark Challenge is already making plans for 2015.

The ramp will be modified for even more insane jumps, and the organization hopes to add another freestyle module for extra madness.

Ploof Windpark Challenge 2014 Results:

1. Arnaud Levillain
2. Loic Voitus
3. Hans Sacher