Steven van Broeckhoven: the freestyle wizard

"Secrets of the Wind" is a windsurfing travel story starring Steven van Broeckhoven.

The short film series will follow Steven and friends on a windsurfing adventure through Europe. The journey will begin on 5th May and end on 3rd June, 2014.

"We want to show you how it is to live this dream, how is to discover new places and how powerful the force of the nature can be. No matter if you are a windsurfer or not, through the episodes, you will understand what are the secrets of the wind," reveals van Broeckhoven.

The films will attempt to capture the essence of the wind and how it makes one feel alive, as seen through the eyes of the ultimate wind worshipper. Steven is following his dreams since he was 10.

The wind brings a sense of freedom, escape, adrenaline and the excitement of the unknown. That's why n Broeckhoven will visit Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

The freestyle windsurfing world champion was born on the 27th September, 1985, in Belgium. His favorite spots are Cape Town, Dahab and Brouwersdam.

Discover what is wind and how wind is formed.

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