Antoine Albeau: ready for the fiesta

Antoine Albeau has conquered the 2014 Catalunya Costa Brava World Cup, the first stage of the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) World Tour.

In the final day of competition, Albeau took a massive, and ultimately decisive step towards the event crown with his second bullet of the week in race four. He was crowned the King of Costa Brava for the third year in a row.

Amazingly, the podium was also occupied solely by the French as they showed they are the dominant force in the Slalom world right now, as Cyril Moussilmani and Pierre Mortefon claimed second and third respectively.

The last winners' final of the week saw a fascinating race unfold. Arnon Dagan made the best start of the fleet but was beaten to the opening buoy by Cyril Moussilmani. However, the second reach saw this all change as Bjorn Dunkerbeck stormed out of his gybe to burst into the lead.

The Terminator's time at the front though was short lived with Van Der Steen leading by the third mark. From here the flying Dutchman continued to extend his lead to claim his first bullet of the season, whilst Cyril Moussilmani capped a fantastic week with another second place finish. Dunkerbeck and Dagan eventually finished in third and fourth place respectively.

Elsewhere in the fifth elimination, sixteen year old Ethan Westera did brilliantly to progress into the quarterfinals from heat one, along with Bruno Martini, Steve Allen and Pascal Toselli.

The final heat of the opening round also witnessed a massive surprise, as event leader Antoine Albeau jumped the gun to be disqualified, together with Taty Frans and Chris Pressler. Thankfully for the big Frenchman this didn't prove to be a costly error on this occasion.

In heat ten, Pierre Mortefon, made a critical error. The Frenchman was comfortably qualifying for the semifinals, before setting sail for the wrong mark after the third gybe. This gifted Gonzalo Costa Hoevel a place in the top four, along with Matteo Iachino, Kurosh Kiani and Malte Reuscher.

Alberto Menegatti and Marco Lang became the latest sailors to mistime their starts in the very next heat. There was further drama in heat twelve as Josh Angulo - who was leading from the start - tried to dive inside Benoit Moussilmani at the third mark, but the gap proved too small as the two sailors ended up in the drink.

2014 Catalunya Costa Brava World Cup Results

1. Antoine Albeau
2. Cyril Moussilmani
3. Pierre Mortefon
4. Ben Van Der Steen
5. Micah Buzianis

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