Sebastian Kornum: where's Vincent Langer?

Sebastian Kornum and Vincent Langer won the Rollei Summer Opening 2014, at the Brandenburger Strand, in Sylt.

The wind conditions allowed spectacular performances on all five regatta days. With a total of 18 races and 80.000 spectators, the Funboard Racing Championships will enter history as one of the most successful events.

In the Formula Racing division, and after eleven races, Sebastian Kornum, from Denmark, showed strong sailing by winning seven bullets. Janis Preiss managed to secure a second position, and German windsurfer Vincent Langer ended up in third.

Seven Slalom eliminations were completed under extreme conditions - big waves and winds hitting 35 knots. The races were dominated by Vincent Langer, followed by Gunnar Asmussen, the only windsurfer to break the winner's victory series. Kornum kept third.

The Funboard Racing Championships 2014 are a combined ranking out of the Formula Racing and Slalom results, so Sebastian Kornum and Vincent Langer ended up sharing gold. Anissa Morath, from Denmark, was the best female rider, securing a 21st place in the men-dominated fleet.

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